Seller Policy

Asia online seller policy is aimed at and has been designed to help sellers get increased selling opportunities, earn more money and enhance their customer base whilst being sure that their rights are protected and intact at all times.

Asia online is a platform for those looking to expand their business horizon and who want to harness the potential of the online space. It is pretty easy to sell in Asia online. As a seller, all you need to do is, Register, List out your products and start selling by following the simple steps mentioned below.

1. How to Register As a Seller In Asia online?

A. Sellers are required to go to the sign-up page and fill-up the form with all mandatory details.
B. Asia online will contact you upon receipt of all necessary details.

2. List Your Products For Free

You can now list your products or product catalogs on Asia online for free.

3. Special Features Of Asia online Website

Asia online enables its users to upload and manage products and profiles with utmost ease. Below are mentioned some more features of this amazing platform-

Easy product and profile management.
List and upload an unlimited number of products without any cost.
Sellers pay for the sales they make. You can check out the commission sheer upon getting registered.
Upload, edit and manage media related to products with astonishing ease.

4. Policy & Terms For Product Upload:

Sellers are required to upload neat and clean images properly in focus.
The main featured image MUST have a white or transparent background.
Images should be at least 700px(width) by 700px(height) or larger.
Acceptable formats are jpeg, png, or gif image formats.
Image size must be below 60kb(kilobyte) formats.

5. How to Track Sales On Asia online

Asia online not only provides a perfect platform to sellers to sell their products but also facilitates them with advanced analytics to track sales and customer behavior so that they can redesign their selling and marketing strategies for better and improved results. You can sell your products in various categories such as mobile and accessories, home appliances, clothing & footwear, beauty and personal care, sports & health accessories, and many more. You can export comprehensive data reports in .csv format.

6. Purchase Notification:

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, you receive an email notification. Once you ship the product and deliver the product the sale is locked as confirmed.

If you have any queries about the seller policy, feel free to call us at 1800-123-8076 or send an email to