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This is an electronic record stated in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and regulations therein as and where applicable and the amended provisions with relevance to electronic records in various amended statutes of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Being generated by a computer system this electronic record needs no digital or physical signatures.
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The Domain

asiaonline, an internet proprietary company which is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 is the owner of the domain https://asiaonlineshopping.com (hereafter referred to as “Website”). Their registered office is located at 269 Patelvas-1.
Usage of this website is regulated by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) as and when applicable to the Website. This is also unexceptionally inclusive of the applicable policies which have been incorporated herein by way of reference. Transaction on the website will subject the user to the policies formulated for such transactions on the website. The very usage of the website comes under liaising with asiaonlineshopping.com and the subsequently mentioned terms and conditions constitute the user’s binding obligation with asiaonlineshopping.com.

Wherever the context requires, “You” or “User” shall include any legal person who has assented to become a buyer on the Website by the manner of providing Registration Data while registering on the Website as Registered User using any internet access capable device. It should also be noted that asiaonlineshopping.com allows the User to browse the Website and make purchases without registering on the Website. The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our” hereafter shall be used to denote the website asiaonlineshopping.com.

User shall be subject to rules, policies, guidelines, terms and regulation as and wherever applicable following the usage of services provided by us through the website including but not limited to, (e.g. Product Reviews, Seller Reviews) concurrently it will also make you a subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to the service in question, and they shall be deemed inherent to these Terms of Use and shall be unexceptionally be considered their integral part. The right to change, add, remove or modify parts of or entire rules stated therein without your prior information is reserved by us and is solely governed by our discretion. The responsibility of keeping yourself updated to and reviewing the latest changes being done therein is solely yours. The continued usage of the website by you following any modifications made to the Terms of Use will be considered as your consent to the aforementioned changes. Your right to non exclusive, non transferrable, limited privilege access to the website provided by us is determined by your compliance with these Terms of Use. Failure to do so voids that right of the user.

Either explicit or implicit acceptance of these Terms of Use, affirms your consent to be bound by asiaonlineshopping.com Policies ((inclusive of but not limited to Privacy Policy available at Privacy as and when amended.

(a) Any person who can assent legally bounded contracts may use this website. A minor (below 18 years of age), were he/she to make an account on the website or seeks to use the website in any manner can register themselves on the website under the name of their respective guardian. Should any discrepancy come to notice (such as, not qualified or ineligible, etc.), the store holds the right to terminate the user.

You agree to undertake that your website usage shall be strictly governed by the following legally bound principles

A) You are hereby forbidden from hosting, modifying, displaying, uploading , publishing, transmitting update or sharing any information which:

a). Belongs to a third party and to which you don’t have any right

b) is deceiving in any way.

c) Is unequivocally offensive to online community or content that promotes racism, physical harm or obscenity of any kind against any group or individual

d) Advocates harassment of any person

e) Involves the propagation of junk mails or chain letter or unsolicited mass mailing or spamming.

f) Promotes activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening or libelous.

g) Infringes upon or violates any third party rights

h) Contains restricted or password access only pages

i) Provides exploitive material that harasses people in a sexual, violent or otherwise inappropriate manner to solicit personal information.

j) Abates illegal activities via instructional information about illegal activities such as buying or selling illegal weapons.

k) Tries to exceed the scope of legal access to the profiles blogs, information, community or miscellaneous areas of the website or tries to leverage unlawfully, passwords to personal identifying information data bases of other users for commercial or illegal purposes.

l) Indulges in activities and/or sales like advertising, contests, pyramid schemes, sweepstakes, or the trading of “virtual” products with illegal website branding that exploit the website as a brand without prior written consent. As and where mentioned in the Terms of Use, our prior written consent is a communication originating from our Legal Department, solely in response to your request, and specifically addressing the activity elaborately for which you seek authorization;

m) Promotes or engages in any gambling activity which in our sole discretion is or could be construed as illegal.

n) Runs interference on another user’s smooth experience of the website or obstructs any rightful user’s enjoyment of the website and its services.

o) Propagates by any means websites or URLs that can potentially harm the Website or contains inappropriate material relative to the Website or any other. The nature of which is determined at our discretion whether it violates the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use.

p) Is a source of distress or harm to minors in any way;

q)violates IP rights like patents, trademarks, copyright or other proprietary rights or shall not be involved in fraudulent practices involving sale of counterfeit or stolen products;

r) Breaches any law in force;

s) Uses deceptive methods to communicate information which is menacing and grossly offensive in nature;

t) impersonates(as a means to unlawful gains) as another person

u) contains files or programs, software viruses or any other computer code designed with the intent to limiting functionality, interrupt or destroy any computer resource, and may surreptitiously interfere with and detrimentally compromises any system, data or personal information

v) Is a threat to sovereign socialist democratic republic of India’s integrity, unity, security or sovereignty, diplomatic ties with foreign states, or public order or prevents investigation of any breach of law or is demeaning to any other nation.

w) Is forbidden to either directly or indirectly, trade in any item, which is prohibited or restricted in any manner under the provisions of any applicable law, rule, regulation or guideline in force.

x) Shall not be a threat to our interests risking us to lose the services of our ISP and our other business partners, either whole or in part.

B) The usage of unethical methods/devices like “page scrape”, “robot”, “deep-link”, “spider” that can access, acquire and copy any Website content or circumvent the conventional navigational access on the website to acquire any information, data, documents which aren’t purposefully made available on the website, is strictly barred.

C.) Any attempts to gain unauthorized access to any computer, network, server connected to the Website, the services offered by it, its portions and features by any illegitimate method (like hacking, password “mining”) is forbidden.

D) You are not permitted to probe, scan, test or exploit any vulnerability of the Website or breach the security or authentication measures on the Website or any network connected to the Website. It’s strictly forbidden to trace, reverse look-up, or seek any information on any User of or visitor to Website, or any other customer, which includes all the accounts not owned by You on the Website to its source, or exploit the Website or any service or information made available or offered by or through the Website, in any way where the purpose is to reveal any information, including personal identification or information, other than Your own information, as provided for by the Website.

E).There’ll be no denigrating, defamatory or negative statement(s) or comment(s) made by you about us, our brand name and the domain used by us?(including the term asiaonlineshopping.com) that in any way tarnish our reputation or the image of the sellers on our platform or any trade name/goodwill associated with any trade name or service offered or owned by us. You also give your compliance that you will not resort to any course of action that threatens the infrastructure of our system networks and the Website with disproportionately large and unreasonable load.

F) .You consent to not using any means to interfere with the smooth, proper and glitch free working of the website as well as any transaction that is being conducted on the website.

G) You shall not create fake headers in order to misguide the recipient about the origin of any message or email you send using the Website or any service offered on or through the Website.

H) It is your responsibility to ensure that all the applicable provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 are duly observed and followed by you time and also all applicable Domestic laws, rules and regulations (including the provisions for any applicable Regulations in Force or Exchange Control Laws) and International Laws, Foreign Exchange Laws, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations while you make use of Our service, purchase, solicitation of offers to purchase, and sale of products or services. You shall not indulge in any transaction in service or products, which is forbidden by any applicable law or its provisions that include exchange control laws or regulations in force.

I) You grant us the permit to non exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, right to exercise the publicity, copyright or any other rights that you possess in your provided information or any known/unknown media. We assure you to use your information strictly adhering to the Privacy Policy applicable to use of the Website.

J) Periodically, the responsibility lies solely with you for providing information relating to the products or services that you propose to sell on the Website. In this regard, you hereby undertake that all such information provided by you shall be accurate in every respect. There shall not be any exaggeration of the product attributes or service description so as to create any kind of misconception in other Users of any manner.

K) You are aware that in order to protect Our Users from distressing advertising or solicitation, We maintain the right to put a diurnal cap on the number of messages or emails which a user may send to other Users. This arbitrary 24 hour period would be determined at our sole discretion. You understand and acknowledge the fact that the right to disclose any information as and when deemed necessary to satisfy any valid governmental request, regulation or law is maintained by us. This encompasses unrestricted release of any user information maintained by us in response to a subpoena or in connection with the investigation of alleged illegal activity or its solicitation. You hereby explicitly permit us to furnish any information on you to law enforcement which may be necessary to the resolution of possible crimes.

We have no obligation to watch over and mediate the content posted on the Website though we do reserve the right to do so. Consequently asiaonlineshopping.com has the right to modify any content in part or wholly that in its view violates any applicable law or the principles stated in the Terms of Use. Regardless, THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONTENT POSTED BY YOU ON THE WEBSITE AS WELL AS CONTENTS OF YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES, LIES WITH YOU. Please take note; any such content posted on the website in no way reflects asiaonlineshopping.com’s views. Under no circumstance shall any responsibility be borne by asiaonlineshopping.com for any Content posted as well as for claims, losses and damages resulting from the usage of the content on the website or its appearance on the website. The content you provide including the information it carries has to be warranted at your collateral that you hold the requisite rights to that content and are not in violation of any proprietary rights and the information is free of any libelous or unlawful data.

L) Your professional association with advertisers found on or through the Website, which includes payment and delivery of corresponding products or services, and any other terms, warranties, representations or conditions associated with such dealings, are to be exclusively dealt by You and the concerned advertiser. We are in no way responsible for any loss or damage incurred therein as a consequence of that dealing or due to the presence of the said advertisers on the Website.

M) It is plausible for you to come across posts and content that other users (unauthorized personnel, “hackers”) may have posted unethically on the website that may propagate distress or obscenity. There is also a probability of you involuntary encountering and being exposed to those obscene and offensive materials. Though unlikely it is also possible for others to unlawfully access your information provided by you through the use of the Website and that such information can be used to possibly injure, exploit or harass you. We by no means condone this breach of trust and the unsanctioned uses, but by your continued use of the Website You assent to the fact that we are by no means responsible for the misuse of the personal information you share publicly on the Website with other users. Be vigilant in choosing the information that you share with others on the

N) For your involvement in any way on your own or via group/s of people whether intentionally or not in Do’s/DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) asiaonlineshopping.com holds the right to take necessary action and claim damages that may occur as a result of it.

(a )Buyers and sellers are solely responsible for the terms of commerce offered and agreed on between them. These terms are inclusive of but not limited to shipping costs, price, payment method and terms, period, mode and date of delivery, product warrantee as well as their after sale service. We neither have a say nor any control in these proceedings. There is no provision where we involve ourselves in any way in acceptance or offering of such commercial terms.

(b) The responsibility of performance of any contract entered into by users (inclusive of Guest User or Registered User ) of the Website lies with the concerned users themselves. We are by no means obligated to resolve any such contractual dispute between the users.

(c) We neither provide any warranty nor representation as to the item-specifics of any of its Users.

(d) At no point during a transaction between the seller and the buyer do we come in to lay claim or take possession of the goods and services offered by the seller. We do not hold any right over the goods and services provided by the seller to the buyer at any time.

(e) At no time shall the Website be considered anything other than a medium through which Users can reach a larger base and conduct their business by selling and buying items or services. The website is merely a platform allowing communication with no involvement under any circumstances in any sales contract for any of products or service between the buyer and the seller. Availability of all items displayed or mentioned on the website is strictly subject to their availability with the supplier. Any inconvenience, dissatisfaction encountered by the Users due to damages, delayed services as result of out of stock items, back ordered items or unavailable for any reason is not our responsibility.

(f) The decision to consent to the terms of payment, delivery, insurance, etc. with other users you transact with, is independently yours with no involvement whatsoever from us.

(g) You hereby release us from the liability of consequences of any action by Website Users and concurrently agree to recompense us and/or any of our officers and representatives for any damage and cost incurred to us by or involving you therein. You specifically surrender all claims that you may have in connection with this under any applicable law.

(a) It is the sole responsibility of the User to maintain their account’s safety.

(b) The User will be duly responsible for displaying password and name.

(c) We hold the right to restrict your access to the website if in our discretion any information provided by you appears untrue.

(d) You undertake the responsibility for any activity occurring in your account including your password.

(e) You consent to the term that any transmission taking place or any content posted via your account by anyone authorized or unauthorized will be your sole responsibility.

(f)  We cannot be held accountable for any loss of information by the user, such as account log in details or password. Should you come across any personnel accessing your account unauthorized (without your consent) and via unethical mean it is your responsibility to inform with all the details available with you. If we find your claims genuine or come across a misuse of your account ourselves, we maintain the right to terminate that account or proposition a password change

(g) Always be certain that you logout of your account when you leave the website or else your unattended access device(PC, smartphone) could be subject to misuse which may lead to modification of your account contents. Consequently communication via your account may result in “hacking”.

(a) Contents provided on the online store are free of any bugs, viruses and it is our guarantee that no problems shall be encountered in connection with that.

(b) Communications taking place via our online store (website) is also virus free. The sellers are bound to return the amount in case the delivery could not take place or the product stays undelivered but the amount charged has been received by the seller in advance. To that purpose buyers should provide valid contact nos. whilst placing an order

(c) Order confirmation will be delivered to the users in the form of SMS or call on your provided contact no, that is not to say that your personal information will be utilized in advertising calls or SMS.

(d)The information furnished within this website is non- misleading and true.

(e) The online store (website) will be constantly available all the time save for when facing issues like maintenance, upgradation, etc.

(f) Every product available on the Website is governed by state laws.

(a) You are allowed to list your goods and services for sale on the website only if you are an authorized seller registered with us in accordance with the policies incorporated by way of reference to this online store.

(b) You are legally allowed to sell the items, products and services you list on the Website.

(c) It is your responsibility to ensure that your items listed on the Website are in no way infringing intellectual property rights or any other rights for third parties.

(d) You may list your items using only text description or suitable pictures. Listing of items must be appropriate.

(e)The listed item’s description must not be misleading and should also specify the actual product condition.

(f) If discrepancies are found between item description and actual item then you agree to refund the amount you charged the buyer for the product.

(g) You must not list a single item in multiple quantities throughout various categories on the website. We hold the right to delete/remove your single product listing across the various categories on our website.

(h) It is the seller’s responsibility to arrange for the transport of goods to the buyer though the seller can charge the customer transportation charges.

(a) Usage of this Website is free of cost for users (only buyers).

(b) We don’t charge any amount for website usage or while making purchases on the website.

(c) Additionally we also reserve the right to alter the fee policy and also to introduce new charges for new or currently offered services.

(d) Its automatic application to services offered can be done without any prior notice.

(a) Every user interface, graphics, text, visual interface, image and logo generated via third party. The store is solely a medium for third party generated content and cannot influence or modify it on its own under any circumstances.

(b) Without a written approval from us, reproduction, publishing or copying of any content or pages is a violation of the Terms of Use and will be dealt under any applicable state law.

(c) Your responsibility extends only to messages, contents, emails, suggestions or materials transmitted to the website. Thereon the contents will be under our control with your explicit consent should we desire to make it public.

(a) We will not be held accountable for any loss incurred due to lack of authorization for any transaction. This includes breaching the transaction limit agreed by you and banks or any other related issue.

(b) All transaction are to be carried out in the Indian currency, rest of the currencies are unacceptable.

(c) It is obligatory for you to provide correct information to the seller when making the purchase on our website. You have to ensure that the ID proof or address you produce to corroborate that information is genuine.

(d) You agree to communicate with the seller via electronic communication means and electronic records and to use any automated communication feature provided by the payment facility.

(e)As a buyer it is your right to claim recompense for goods or services you ordered but didn’t receive them on time agreed upon irrespective of the mode of payment.

(f)Failure to claim a refund within the stipulated window of time will lapse your right to reimbursement on that product.

(g)All refunds for transactions done via cash on delivery will be carried by demand drafts in the favour of the buyer.

(h) All transactions including refunds will be made exclusively Indian rupee and not in any other currency.

(i) All electronic means of payments for transaction will be carried out by Internet banking or any electronic fund transfer system having Reserve Bank of India’s approval.


a) We provide the buyers with facility of tracking their order’s shipping status in their registered accounts.

b) Shipping will be carried out in following steps:

The buyer will be intimated to confirmation of order for the product.

Then the product will be handed over to the courier company.

The product will be considered out for delivery after dispatch.

Erstwhile you will receive a confirmation call from Courier Company on registered/provided mobile number you provided.

A standard order will take 5-7 business days to be delivered once you confirm your order on asiaonlineshopping.com.

You will be kept updated to the most recent status of your order while it is shipping ass by emails and SMS. Tracking will be very accurate.

(a) It is our policy to encourage the registered users to provide us and each other with feedback after the transaction is finished to help make user experience pleasant.

(b)You cannot remove or delete your feedback once you have uploaded it and it will be displayed alongside your user ID.

(c) We are not accountable for any feedback posted by you on the Website and it is your responsibility to exercise caution and discretion while making nonfactual comments.

(d)Any action that compromises the integrity of the feedback system is forbidden. Continued reception of negative feedback by you will lead to suspension of your membership and your ability to list and buy on the Website by us.

(e) The Laws of India will govern every clause of the terms of use or user agreement.

(a)This service provided by us for the assistance of the buyers who encountered problems at the time of delivery or at any other place of procedure.

(b) If any problem is discovered in the delivered product, the customer is fully entitled to ask for a replacement.

(c)If it comes to our knowledge that any user who is falsifying information then we have the right to initiate legal proceedings against them and also revoke his use of our Website’s services.

(a) You have the provision of returning the product and avail a refund of the purchased product exclusively if (a) item was damaged while shipping (b) you received a defective item (c) delivery of wrong item (d) missing product from the set.

(b)The buyer has every right to pursue legal course against the seller when refused refund on a product they returned provided the reason for product returning is genuine.

(c) In cases of buyer ordering incorrect items returning and refunding will not legally happen.
(d) The Buyer will have to apply for return in the stipulated window of time else they forfeit their right to return and get refund on a product.

(e)All return requests will take place via registered courier companies and should mandatorily have different shipment agency and return taking agency. You cannot revert the product at the time delivery. You will have to file a due application after the delivery is made.

(f) All refunds will be credited only to buyers account and not as cash.

(g) While filing return application, make sure you mention all the things including category, condition, reason.

(a)If the product received by the buyer is incorrect they need not worry as they are covered under replacement guarantee.

(b)Your guarantee will be voided if the product is damaged after delivery by the user.

(a) Under no circumstances can our suppliers, service providers, affiliates and us be held liable for all or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, inclusive of damages for any intangible or tangible losses like the loss of goodwill, profits, data or any other born out of or associated with the Payment Facility and the Website, its services or this agreement whatever be the reason.

14) Compliance with Laws:
Compliance of both the Buyer and the Seller with all the laws applicable (inclusive of laws like Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the rules made and regulation issued therein as issued by RBI Customs Act, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976, Export Import Policy of government of India, Income Tax Act, 1961) is mandatory for using asiaonlineshopping.com Website and its payment facility.

15) Buyer’s arrangement with Issuing Bank:
a) All payments made via Cash Card/ Debit Card/ Credit Card or any other means of electronic payment shall be validated and processed using a card payment gateway or any requisite suitable payment processor, which will be governed by the terms agreed to in the arrangement reached upon by the buyer, the payment media issuing firm and the issuing bank.

b) Every valid electronic bank transfer made using valid Bank Accounts is processed utilizing the gateway issued by the said Issuing Bank which provide these features to the users by supporting this Payment Facility. The terms and conditions agreed to on by both the buyer and the issuing bank in a separate arrangement of their own govern these online bank transfers and the payment facility as well.

a) My participation in this exchange should be considered as confirmation of the fact that I am the sole and absolute owner of the product mentioned.

b) I also confirm that the device to be exchanged under the aforementioned scheme is genuine, is free of all disputes, attachments, legal flaws and I have the absolute ownership of the said device.

c) I consent to recompensing and continuing to reimburse asiaonlineshopping.com and any future buyer of my device against all demand, expenses third party claims, which covers any attorney charges which could be incurred or sustained by any future buyer of my device, asiaonlineshopping.com and its affiliates resulting from my usage of the device and I pledge to make good the same.

d) I will make certain that before exchanging my device under the program all the data present in the device is erased. Additionally, I also agree not to approach asiaonlineshopping.com, retail, manufacturer, or wholesale for retrieval in case despite erasure some data is still accessible due to any technicality.

e) I agree to let my provided information (furnished for the aforementioned program) be transferred, processed or retained by the entities attached with the program management and also for the validation of my information.

f) I acknowledge and agree with the fact that once I send my device to asiaonlineshopping.com, under no circumstances this device is returnable to me.

g) I am well aware that the picking up of my old device and the new device delivery will take place concurrently (hand in hand) therefore the old device shall be kept ready by me at the time of new device’s delivery for the exchange.

17) Law applied
All the Terms of Use stated shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction exclusively in Gandhinagar.

Jurisdictional Issues/Sale in India Only

Those who access asiaonlineshopping.com from outside India are hereby informed that the website conducts business solely on the Indian soil, unless specified otherwise. The website by no means states that the material available on the website is appropriately available for usage in locations outside India. asiaonlineshopping.com is not accountable for undelivered products, refunds for orders place from anywhere other than India. All subject to the local laws to the extent they are applicable.

18) Trademark, Copyright and Restriction
a) asiaonlineshopping.com controls and operates this site and the products sold therein are solely the responsibility of the sellers. All the content present on the site like illustrations, text, audio clips, images, video clips, are secured by intellectual property rights or any law governing this aspect. All this content is for the sole, non professional, non commercial, personal use of the user. You are forbidden to reproduce, copy, post, publish, upload or distribute this content by any means plausible (including but not limited to email, assisting another person in doing the same). Any use of the website content which earns you money or any form of remuneration is a commercial use in the context of this clause. The modification and utilization of the materials without the written approval of the owner is a violation of proprietary rights and is forbidden.

asiaonlineshopping.com in no way is liable for incorrect, unreliable, incomplete and error laden product description on the website, responsibility of which lies with the sellers.

a) We do not regulate any personal communication means that comprises but not limited to email correspondence, and hence encourage our consumers to be respectful, courteous, formal and professional while corresponding via the Website.

b) Despite that asiaonlineshopping.com reserves the right to investigate and initiate action against certain malicious emails that are ion violation of asiaonline policies.

c) Which include instances such as :
Threats involving Physical Harm – asiaonlineshopping.com condemns the practice of sending explicit threats of physical harm via email and forbids its Users from doing and indulging in the same.

d) Spoof (Fake) email – We will never ask our users for their sensitive information through email, You are required to report to us through the ‘Contact us’ tab in case you receive a fake email.

e) Spam (Unsolicited Mass email) – Our spam policy is applicable only to the mass unsolicited commercial email sent by the Users of our website, which forbids them from spamming fellow asiaonlineshopping.com users.

f) Offers of Buying or Selling Outside of asiaonlineshopping.com domain- We ban the emails and the offers therein of selling and buying goods and services outside the domain asiaonlineshopping.com. These schemes are by all means in likelihood of fraud for both the sellers and the buyers.

g) Actions taken in response to the violations of this policy may range from:

Restrictions on account privileges

Demotion from special status

Total Cancellation of all listings on the website

Account suspension

21) Other Businesses
a) asiaonlineshopping.com has no accountability of products, action and content, etc. on the website linked to affiliates or any third party making use of the Websites API

b) Additionally, the provided links on the website which direct to the third party websites of certain businesses or our affiliates are of no concern to us and we are not responsible for the verification and evaluation of products and services offered by them.

c) The mere presence of these links on our website is by no means an endorsement of the third party website or its content thereof.

22) Chargeback
Whenever a chargeback (CB) comes from a payment gateway/bank, it may give rise to following situations:

1. Item not received CB – Item wasn’t received by the buyer. Refund will be issued adhering strictly to the dispute policies

2. Unauthorized CB –Transaction wasn’t made by the buyer. Refund will be issued adhering strictly to the dispute policies

3. Seller distinctly and irrevocably agrees that the responsibility of issuing the complete and correct invoice is seller’s. Furthermore, it is the seller’s job to ensure that the buyer receives invoice. Failure to do so will result in the Seller being liable to charge backs (as applicable).

4. Item not as described – This means buyer did not receive the item which matched the description. Dispute will be settled adhering strictly to the dispute policies.

23) Dispute
For cases where the buyer’s return request is rejected by the seller and the buyer in turn raises a dispute, asiaonlineshopping.com will try to act as mediator between the parties and solve their dispute. If the dispute resolves in seller’s favor the buyer’s refund request is nullified else if the dispute resolves in the buyer’s favor the product is returned and the buyer is aptly refunded.

a) In disputes where the Seller is incapable of providing refund or replacement, asiaonlineshopping.com will actively work towards reaching a resolution.

b) Buyers who were unable to satisfactorily and successfully resolve their dispute with the Sellers are secured under The Buyer Protection Program.

c) The Buyer has the provision of writing to asiaonlineshopping.com if the issue with the Seller persists. asiaonlineshopping.com Customer Care team will evaluate the case to check for possible fraudulent claim and if it’s found that the Buyer is blacklisted (meaning blocked from making purchases on the Website). The claim is dropped and due action is initiated against the buyer.

d) During the course of dispute resolution, asiaonlineshopping.com Customer Care Team will facilitate a conference call with both the involved parties.

e) For the while during dispute resolution, asiaonlineshopping.com may provide access to each other’s Names, contact details and other details relevant to the dispute and its resolution to both the parties. The disputing parties will be subject to final consent from asiaonlineshopping.com for dispute settlement.

25) Buyer Restrictions and eligibility
a) Our User Help Program covers only those buyers who have purchased the product on asiaonlineshopping.com.

b) The window for filing a dispute for the buyers is 45 days from the date the product was delivered.

c) Should the buyer find the item damaged at the time of delivery, the delivery should not be accepted, since any damage or loss to the product after the delivery is made is not covered under the program and it will solely be buyer’s responsibility

d) Buyers can benefit most from the Buyer Protection Program when in case of a dispute they try to resolve it with the seller first. On failing to reach a resolution with the seller, buyer can raise the dispute with asiaonlineshopping.com by writing an email.

e) The User Help Program does not cover fraudulent charges and claims.

f) The dispute cases where the Buyer had already initiated chargeback through the payment instrument card issuing bank when raising a dispute with us, will not be covered under User Help policy.

g) The User Help policy also excludes blocked or blacklisted users

h) Buyers are eligible to make a maximum of 5 claims annually on asiaonlineshopping.com. Withdrawn claims are discounted. Please note that those Buyers who have reached their maximum lifetime limit for claims are also ineligible to file claims. The amount covered is limited to₹50,000

i) The User Help policy is in no way any guarantee/warranty by asiaonlineshopping.com to Buyers for products sold on asiaonlineshopping.com against technical/manufacturing defects.

j) By merely Raising disputes against Sellers will not by default entitle the buyer for a refund. It will instead be determined by a thorough verification and evaluation of the dispute claims to determine its genuineness by asiaonlineshopping.com so that only valid claims are processed.

k) Claims corresponding to the nature of ‘Buyer remorse’ (i.e. instances where the buyer mistakenly buys the product or where buyer makes up his mind with respect to the purchase made by him) are not covered under this program.

l) We maintain the right to initiate legal proceedings against any User who provides false, misleading, or incomplete information or files an invalid or false claims or. Additionally, asiaonlineshopping.com may suspend, block, restrict, such User and/or disqualify that user and any related users from availing protection through this program, at its sole discretion.

m) All final decisions under the User Help policy shall be made by asiaonlineshopping.com and will be unconditionally binding on its Users.

n) The right to modify the User Help Policy with or without any prior notice to its users rests with asiaonlineshopping.com.

o) This program is not to humor claims from buyers suffering loss due to either delayed delivery of the item or due to late shipment by the seller.

p) For satisfactory resolution of dispute asiaonlineshopping.com Customer Support Team may seek additional information from Buyer. In case the buyer does not respond with the asked information within 10 days of the request being made the dispute will be auto settled in favor of the seller.